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"I personally have used the KoreFit® with a number of patients and have found it to be sufficiently challenging while at the same time fun for the patient.
I like the fact that there are levels of progression so it can be used with patients of varying levels of ability."
– Marcia M. (Physical Therapist)

Physical Therapy
Take Rehabilitation Exercises to a New Level with KoreFit®

Physical TherapyKoreFit® was created by a physiotherapist that wanted to take time honored rehabilitation exercises to a new level. He incorporated many safety features and ensured the portability of KoreFit®.

The roots of KoreFit® are derived from physical therapy. A physiotherapist wanted to take time-honored exercises to the next level.

With KoreFit®, you can teach your patients to take advantage of the unique air-transfer technology, which helps reduce injury. The rehabilitation opportunities are endless.

Your patient can sit, stand or kneel on KoreFit® to perform various exercises. It’s a balancing act, and it works better than other products on the market.

KoreFit® is best used initially by setting KoreFit® in the (1) position when it is opened. The (1) position completely locks out both halves of KoreFit® and makes them two completely individual units. As your patient progresses in therapy and you decide to increase their challenge, open up KoreFit’s valve control system to a (2), (3) or even a (4) position. The (4) setting completely opens the valve and air readily flows between the units. These other positions gradually open the air transference system. You will see the ballasts inflate or deflate depending on the weight of the patient.

The unique air transference system allows you to take your normal rehabilitation program and add a dynamic balance component that you cannot get with older balance devices.

To add another challenge dimension, medium strength KoreBands are included with the KoreFit® system. These bands are specifically made for KoreFit and easily attach to the base plate at 6 different attachment points. The rehabilitation possibilities are endless.

KoreFit® Physical Therapy Sitting Exercises - Watch Video

Sitting ExercisesSitting Exercises

Physical Therapy Multi-Plane Exercises  - Watch Video

Multi-Plane ExercisesMulti-Plane Exercises


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