A Complete Total Body Workout
Using the Variable Stability System

KoreFit® V.1 Basic

SKU: KoreFit_V1_basic

We've taken the best of KoreFit® and made it more affordable to your customers. KoreFit® V.1 Basic is great for the home gym, personal trainer or pilates studio. It is perfect for multi-dimensional training on a budget.

KoreFit® V.1 Basic:

  • Variable air transfer system
  • Great durability
  • High quality components made in the USA
  • designed for personal gym/home training/pilates studio
  • And much, much more...

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Price: $299.99
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Product Information Sheet

KoreFit® PRO Elite combines strength and knowledge. KoreFit® PRO Elite is made with heavy-duty components and wants the best you can give it. It will elevate your game through our continuing education…KoreFit® TV. KoreFit® TV is a yearly subscription that is new every month. Each month, you will receive a new workout, education and ideas to maximize your KoreFit® workouts.

Essentials for your workout include:

  • KoreFit®
  • Hard-Kore Functional Trainer
  • 2 Medium KoreBands powered by Stroops
  • 2 Light KoreBands powered by Stroops
  • 2 Heavy KoreBands powered by Stroops
  • KoreFit®: Kore in 3D DVD
  • 1 year subscription to KoreFit® TV continuing education
  • Fully Detailed Instruction Manual
  • Air pump

KoreFit®’s unique air system can be easily controlled to make either side solid or soft, depending on your fitness level. You can custom tailor your workout to improve your balance, increase the challenge, work in multiple planer exercises, or make your workouts more interesting! KoreFit® will enhance your workout routine and challenge you like never before with its variable stability system. Try it for yourself!

KoreFit® is made in the USA of high quality materials. Every KoreFit® includes (2) KoreBands, color coordinated exercise cards, instruction sheets and air pump.

Made in the USA

Product Weight: 28 lb.

UPS Shipping Weight: 50 lb.

Dimensions: 30in. x 20in. x 12in.


Return policy: If you're not completely satisfied with your KoreFit® after 14 days, you'll have the option to return the KoreFit®, and the money will be refunded to your credit card. The buyer will be charged return shipping costs from UPS. Products must not be damaged and will be inspected before your refund is approved.

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